Honoring Mary Margaret with the best food, drinks, and culture that Ireland has to offer.
There is nothing quite like growing up in an Irish-American family – celebrating St. Patrick’s Day for more than just a day (More like a week), enjoying dishes like corned beef and cabbage on a regular basis, and having a large portrait of J.F.K on the mantel. For Pete Boland, one of the owners of Mary Margaret’s Olde Irish Tavern, this was his life. The essence of Ireland has been in his blood since his early days and its culture has nudged him into a position where he can share what it means to be Irish with the people of St. Pete. Being a part of the Irish community has always been an aspect of Pete’s life that he is passionate about and Mary Margaret’s is truly an ode to all of those that shaped him into the person he is today.

One of the important people in Pete’s life that inspired him to dive deep into his Irish heritage was his grandmother, Mary Margaret. Her nickname was “The General,” because she was tough as nails and was very, very bossy. Even so, she still loved fun and a good laugh. She was originally from West Virginia but moved to Akron, Ohio before starting a new life and bringing her family to St. Petersburg in the 60’s. Once established in St. Pete, she began owning and operating Claire’s Beauty Salon, right here on 3rd Street, where Mary Margaret’s will now treat the locals. Serendipitous? Absolutely.
Mary Margaret’s Olde Irish Tavern will be filled with many priceless family photos as well as heirlooms to create a feeling that brings everyone home, which is exactly what Pete and his team are striving for. From Irish spoons to traditional Irish nick nacks, all can be appreciated right in the heart of St. Pete.
To truly create that authentic Irish feel, Mary Margaret’s will be loaded with many accents, including stained glass windows and a long bar that is perfect for knocking elbows with St. Pete locals and starting a riveting conversation. There will be a full line of Irish beers including Guinness, of course, Murphys, and Kilkenny, plus popular Irish spirits like Jameson and Tullamore DEW. On the food side of things, there will be plates like rack of lamb, Irish Breakfast, Shepherd’s pie (both proper and vegan), and more. To set the mood, real Irish bands will play on Saturdays and Sunday mornings (The perfect addition to some proper Irish Coffee). Pete and his team are coming together so that Floridians have the opportunity to feel the warmth of a true Irish pub without having to travel across the pond.
Mary Margaret’s Olde Irish Tavern will be opening during February and will be gearing up for a St. Paddy’s Day that will be absolutely unforgettable.
Stay tuned, because the essence of Ireland is coming for all to enjoy, St. Pete!  Sláinte